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Supporting wellness through coaching, massage, bodywork, soft tissue therapy and reiki. Facilitating wellbeing from the roots up so you can flourish and grow for all round mindbody wellbeing from my clinic near Newquay, Cornwall.

Three decades of training and experience in nursing and allied health has led to the development of my highly intuitive approach to treating clients. My nourishing massage treatments, with their ability to restore equanimity to both the mind and body, comes from these many years of study and exploration.

My goal is to bring relief where it’s needed – whether physical, mental or emotional – to calm the body and the mind. I offer massage and bodywork treatments using bespoke blends of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, hot stones and soft touch release, taking inspiration from centuries of well-being tradition so that you feel better, longer.

As a qualified life and wellbeing coach, I can help you dig deep into the weeds to find the limiting and hidden beliefs that are stopping you reach your full potential and goals, shining a light on them and kicking them out, to make space for strong foundations for your future. 

I am also an accredited Specialist Fatigue Recovery Practitioner, working with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. I can identify which of the 6 stages of recovery you are in now, and help you examine and overhaul all 8 areas of your life critical to lasting recovery. I also offer support to carers and loved ones affected by your condition, so that you can get the most powerful support at home too. 

Take a stroll through these pages and learn how I can support your journey through life, with soothing massage to somatic release, coaching and energy work.


Look after yourself

And I will help you realise how precious and special you truly are. Below are a selection of the services I offer. Please click on the pages to find out more about myself and the treatments I provide.

Carol Greenwood

Hi, I'm Carol, the face behind Greenwood Therapies. I combine my wisdom of knowledge and teachings to provide a range of holistic treatments. I use my intuition to gauge what your body is craving, allowing my hands to guide and read the tissues and tensions.

Fatigue Recovery Support

CFS/ME, PCAS/Long Covid, Burnout, Post Viral Fatigue, Exhaustion...

Member of Greenwood Holistic Health Grou

Chronic Pain Recovery Support

Fybromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Back pain...


Massage, Soft Tissue and Bodywork

I am qualified and experienced in various modalities of soft tissue therapy and their application for a multitude of benefits.

Life and Wellbeing Coaching

We often want things, but seem to fail to to get them, even though we really do what them. This isnt a sign of laziness or lack of will power, and I can help you overcome the real reasons you're still "wanting", rather than already enjoying.

Jikiden Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of energy medicine devised by Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926), in Japan having studied Esoteric Tantric Buddhism dating back to 774AD. He sought to enable healing gifts for everyone, regardless of faith or belief system.

Large Tree

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”



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