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The Holistic Healer

Massage, Bodywork, & Holistic Wellbeing

Holistic Therapies

Improve your health, wellbeing and joy of life by either booking single massage and bodywork sessions; a course of nutritional, life, wellbeing or mindset coaching; or one of my bespoke, The Power of Three programs, which combine all the elements of holistic therapies you need for health, wellness and to thrive!

Massage, Bodywork and Reiki Therapies

Working together in collaboration, we discuss your intention for each session, as well as a longer term goal where appropriate. I make an assessment, and suggest which blend of the modalities of massage, bodywork or reiki therapy will best meet those aims which you can choose before relaxing on the couch and the active session begins. 

From £50

Food and Nutrition
for Wellbeing

Together, we look at where you are now; your relationship with food; your health status and symptoms; your resources; your dietary needs and food preferences. 

Blending coaching, prescribing and practical support, I will help you enjoy creating and eating healthful foods towards optimal wellbeing.

From £75

Wellbeing, Life and Mindset Coaching

If we could make the changes in life we needed to to reach the goals in life we want, we would already have them by now. 

Coaching is a proven system that helps you to first clearly identify your goal, examine why you've not reached it so far, and facilitates your creation of a realistic, measurable and attainable road map to get there.

From £75

The Power of Three,
Body, Nutrition and Mind

Working together, I take you on a path to examine how your relationship with your body impacts your life, both for better, and worce. Using a bespoke blend of physical, nutritional and psychological exploration and healing techniques, I support your journey towards true self love and care for both your mind and body.

From £600

Every man is the maker of his life.

Without health, he has but pain and anguish.

With wellness, he has, and he spreads,

joy, love, strength and wisdom.

Carol Greenwood

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