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About Carol

Carol Greenwood, The Holistic Healer

Hi, I'm Carol, Welcome to my site.

I am dedicated to supporting health and wellness using expert therapies & bespoke packages of care. I have worked and trained in the health and wellness arena since 1987, when I volunteered at both a stroke rehabilitation centre and specialist residential school.  I then trained as a nurse at UCL, and was Senior Sister by the time I retired from nursing to take up as a full time holistic practitioner in 2010.

I am passionate about the holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Rather than focusing only on a symptom, or one bodily system, or one therapeutic approach, I work with my clients to identify the root cause of their issue, which can include their physical, nutritional, mental, emotional or spiritual states of being.

As a Trauma Informed Holistic Practitioner, with specialist qualifications in a range of Massage and Bodywork therapies; Jikiden Reiki; Nutrition and Supplementation; Mind-set Life & Wellbeing coaching; as well as an Accredited Fatigue Recovery Specialist, you can rest assured, you are in safe and capable hands with me as your support and guide on your wellness journey.

Education History

Compassionate Enquiry, With Dr Gabor Mate; July 2021
Trauma Informed Practice, Including the effects of PASC and Pandemic; May 2021 (CE)
Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome Began; 2021 (School of New Joy)
Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner; April 2021 (CE)
iLm Wellbeing Coaching November; 2020 (CE)
The Chrysalis Effect Program March; 2020 (CE)
Dealing with Distress: working with suicide and self-harm; January 2020 (CS)
Challenging the Misconceptions and Misdiagnoses of Neuropsychiatric and Pathogen-Triggered Disorders; November 2018 (ANOM)
Treating chronic stress and stress-induced pains: for therapists; August 2018 (MDD)
Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders; July 2018 (MDD)
CMI Coaching and Mentoring Level 3; June 2018 (University of Southampton)
CMI First Line Management Level 3; June 2018 (University of Southampton)
Advanced Myofascial Techniques for manual therapy practitioners 1-8; January 2018 (TLUSA)
Emergency First Aid at Work for Therapists; June 2017 (FHT)
All about the Emmett Technique; May 2017 (HHS)
Examining and treating the sacroiliac joint; May 2017 (HHS)
Release your WOW; May 2017 (HHS)
Animal Healing; November 2016 (FHTLSG)
Jikiden Reiki Okuden; February 2016 (Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan)
Jikiden Reiki Shoden; January 2016 (Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan)
EMF and health; January 2016 (FHTLSG)
Active Fascial Release; September 2015 (CAM)
Myofascial Release for emotional and physical chronic pain; September 2015 (CAM)
Anatomy Trains and Functional Movement; September 2015 (CAM)
A new Paradigm in water; September 2015 (FHTLSG)
Quick recovery bodywork techniques; July 2015 (FHTLSG)
Using EFT for absolutely everything - how to get great results; June 2015 (SMF)
Corse Skills; June 2015 (SOVA)
Looking after yourself; October 2014 (FHT)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage diploma; July 2014 (GW)
Myofascial Release Diploma March 2014 (GW)
Still touch and baby massage; July 2014 (FHTLSG)
Go with the flow - And introduction to Craniosacral Therapy;October 2013 (CAM)
Hot and Cold Stone massage Diploma; April 2013 (GW)
Diploma in Holistic Massage level 3; November 2012 (ITEC)
Diploma in Body Massage level 3; July 2010 (ITEC)
Single Parenting 101 Began: 2007 (School of Hard Knocks)
Nursing registration in New Zealand; August 2006 (Nursing Council of New Zealand)
Micro Medical Spirometery; October 2005 (FPH)
Occupational Health nursing requirements; June 2005 (FPH)
Dealing with abuse, understanding dementia and protection of vulnerable adults; May 2005(ACE)
COSHH and RIDDOR; July 2005 (ACE)
Travel Vaccinations; October 2004 (HVS)
Baby Immunisations; October 2004 (NHHT)
Asthma Care in the Community; September 2004 (NHHT)
Parenting 101 Began!; 2001 (School of Hard Knocks)
Phlebotomy Procedures; August 1999 (NHH)
Paediatric medic first Aid; July 1999 (EMP)
Nutrition, supplementation, exchange and food intolerance; January 1999 (Neutron)
Palliative Care Diploma: March 1998 (South Bank University London)
Continuing clinical assessment; September 1997 (City University London)
Disabilities Awareness; April 1997 (UCL)
Blood sugar monitoring and diabetes care; April 1997 (UCL)
Homelessness and Healthcare; April 1997 (UCL)
Risk Management; April 1997 (UCL)
Multicultural community needs; April 1997 (UCL)
Infection Control; April 1997 (UCL)
Diploma in nursing science; April 1997 (University College London)
Sighted guide for the visually impaired diploma; May 1992 ()verbrook International School for the Blind P.A.USA)
‘A’level's and 11 GCSEs Plus various vocational trainings 
Stroke rehabilitation support certificate; 1991
Certificate of skills supporting physically and mentally handicapped children; 1991

These are the trainings and qualifications that I have hard evidence of, but of course, one learns much through experience, and with over a quarter of a century in professional practice, there is a wealth of experience to be gained! 
I also feel it is of worth to note that with the emergence of the "Super Conference" on line, that I attend at least one a quarter in detail, and its rare a week goes by without me dipping my toes into something!

Who is Carol?

My family motto reads, "Et idem dicendum de servis", That I may be of service. Or something like that!  And that is very much at the core of me, to be of service to others, to help, to support, and where appropriate, to teach and to guide.  I believe my career history demonstrates that quite eloquently. I believe in kindness, honesty, integrity, freedom and informed consent.

Other than having a life long passion for the human condition and supporting the best possible experience of it, I do have a few other interests!

I was a single mother of 2 children, and they continue to be my brightest stars and constantly in my heart and mind. Our holidays were in our caravan at music festivals or in North Cornwall, near where I live now. Beach, walking, sea, surfing, and every year they chose Eden of all the attractions possible to visit!

I have a cat and 2 dogs, and love to walk every day for an hour or three. When the weather is bad, there is nothing more energising and life affirming than going out walking in it, and when it is fine, nothing more peaceful and soulfully joyful. I used to ride horses every day, and look forward to beach gallops in the future!

I have loved to mow lawns and make compost since childhood, and I still love my garden! I have just got a little pollytunel to help me grow as much of my own produce as I can (protecting the brocoli and spinach from the birds!). I have turned 3 gardens to organic in the last 20 odd years, and this will be my 4th.

I am a water baby, and love to swim as well as enjoying going out on my SUP. I sail and dive at every opportunity too. I even love frozen water, although it has been a while since my ski boots were on my feet rather than packed under my bed!

I love to collect sea jewels, the polished glass on the beach, and drift wood. My house has a few of my creations using the bits that I find, but most I give to family and friends. I enjoy painting on occasion, and had an entire huge sideboard just for arts and crafts supplies before moving here!

I've recently journeyed into building furniture and using recycled pallets, I totally revamped my bathroom. I learnt, I am not a plumber!

I enjoy cooking, especially for people who enjoy eating! Having worked with nutrition and food intolerances for over 25 years, I enjoy creating meals that have all the elements of a healthy diet, along with interest of colour and texture. 

I moved to Cornwall in 2021 after my 2 children had left home, beating my son down here by a matter of weeks as he started University at Falmouth. Like so many people down here, my heart had never left the place since my first visit as a small child, and I resolved that I would get here one day, whatever it took me! 

Before moving, I lived near Winchester, with a thriving and busy practice, but also sever chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and complex post traumatic stress injury. In 2017 I went steeply down hill, and was sofabound for 5 months in 2018. It had taken nearly 30 years to get a diagnosis for CFS and Fibromyalgia, and when that came in 2018, I was finally able to find the right treatment for my recovery.

The Chrysalis Effect on-line recovery program literally saved my life, and working with a specialist recovery therapist for nearly a year, enabled me to return from the living death of CFS, and re-build my life. I am grateful to have suffered the condition, because I had the right help to get me well and see how damaging my life was before the help arrived. Many individuals who have made a full recovery from what we feel is literally , a living death, feel the same way once they have recovered.  That is why I am now qualified and accredited with The Chrysalis Effect as a recovery specialist, as still too few people know that full recovery is possible, however bedbound you have been. 

My life, which has been blessed with so much love and good fortune, as well as so much pain and trauma, has shaped me into who I am now, and I have in my middle age, finally begin to settle into my quirky, un-boxable self with real joy and pride.  

I hope to support others to embrace their true selves, to live their best lives, and do so with joy, energy and ability.

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Career Journey

While I believe I am born to serve people, health, and wellbeing, I've had a diverse range of professional experiences which put in a unique position to support you.

Life has been anything but dull when it comes to work! There don't seem to be too many areas that I have not had a go at!


In the main, I have followed my vocation of supporting human wellbeing, through Nursing and then Therapy. 


I trained as a nurse from 1993, working as a health care assistant through my training and ending as a senior H grade sister (proper high grade position, rarely given in the NHS!), by the time I left in 2008. I worked in the community as a district nurse, GP surgeries as a practice nurse. On the wards I worked in Paediatrics to Palliative care, but not ICU or HDU. I worked in various private hospitals and for a plethora of private clients in their own homes as well as in specialist clinics for anything from baby to travel vaccinations, asthma to vascular wound care.  I spent some years working as the nurse practitioner for a food intolerance company, having been trained in nutrition and intolerance protocols.


After a brief break from high pressure work as a nurse I began a new journey into allied health care, training as a massage therapist in 2008. The training has never, and will never stop!


In between those times I have worked as:

A nanny in 2 homes in Hampshire and 1 in Oxfordshire

A stable hand, and horse exerciser

A filing clerk (my dyslexia meant it was a short lived experience!)

A shelf stacker in a supermarket

A cook and kitchen aid in private catering

A waitress and then maître D

A barmaid

Painter and decorator

As an administrator for Sun Life Canada (fun with dyscalculia!)

As a shop assistant in Peter Jones Haberdashery Department and Anne Summers 

Gardner with my own business “Carol Rose Gardening”

Cleaning lady with my own company “Carol Rose Domestic Services Ltd”

Volunteer roles include aid in Overbook International School for the Blind PA USA; The National Childbirth Trust, committee member and nursing bra fitter and provider; Godalming Toy Library; La Leche League; SOVA; FHT as local support group co-ordinator and as an ambassador; Stroke rehabilitation club assistant; residential unit for severely disabled children assistant; sailing club secretary support; domestic abuse link support. 


And perhaps some other interesting bits here and there, but in the main, I've been a nurse and therapist.

Me, the Fairy Witch Mother, at my 50th Birthday party!
My Spaniel, Hwegen, on Hollywell beach
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