Upper Back Massage

Aches and Pains

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Myofascial Release Technique

This is my favorite technique for the breadth and depth of application and success rate.

Hot Stone Therapy

Using Basalt Stone, magma from the core of the earth that was created by nature to hold its heat and pure regenerative energy to penetrate tension and melt it away.

Swedish Massage

Soothing long strokes (effleurage), mixed with more intensive working movements (petrissage, kneading, friction), energizing percussion (hacking, beating, pounding, cupping, tapotement), and vibration in combination or pick and mix


Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper work than Swedish massage, but similar techniques to really work into areas of soft tissue tension and ease out restrictions

Trigger Point Therapy

A gentle and targeted aproach to tensio areas of the myofascia


Transcutaneous Eletrical Stimulator uses micro current between 1.0 and 200 Hz on biologically active points and areas to produce dynamic nerve and fascial stimulation towards improved function