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Leg Injury

Advanced Myofascial Techniques

Studying under Til Luchau, I learnt how to systematically approach the body to treat a number of common issues

Advanced Myofascial Techniques: List

I have specific training to enable me to facilitate healing and rebalancing of your body in relation to the following areas:

Neck, Jaw and Head

Spine, Ribs and Low back

Arm, Wrist and Shoulder

Leg, Knee and Foot

Pelvis, Hip and Sacrum


TMJ and Jaw issues

Migraines and Headaches

Each issue has a specific approach and continuim of teachniques to be applied at the speed the body is able to respond, so while you are likely to need a course of sessions, you can rest asssured the problem has the greatest chance of resoloution.

Advanced Myofascial Techniques: Text
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