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Morning Mist over Forest

Better Sleep, Energy and Mental Agility

I used to believe I had time to rest when I was dead. Then I ended up way to close to dead in my early 40's. 
Sleep is super critical to health, it is the only place our bodies repair, recover and re-build the damage of the day.

Massage, soft tissue therapy, bodywork and reiki all have proven beneficial effects.

Better Sleep, Energy and Mental Agility: List

How do you start your day? Is it bleary eyed, hitting the snooze button and praying for a day off? Shuffling to the kettle and strong coffee?

How does your day go after waking like that, compared to when you wake feeling refreshed? Can you see the wood for the trees, or is the morning mist your constant brain fog companion?

How do you go to sleep? Do you sleep like a log, or is it more like a bouncing spring?

Sleep is one of the most important parts of healthful living and critical to Thrival. Sleep is when your mind processes the events of the day in cycles of REM sleep, progressively detangling and storing the events appropriately, making sense of them, and letting go of things that weigh you down otherwise.

The dream process sets up and works with the body's natural rhythms of smooth working. For example, did you know that you need to have completed your second cycle of sleep to have processed the stress events of the day, and released all the stress hormones, before around 3am, when the "liver hour" starts because the liver then clears out all those hormones. If you dont manage that, the hormones get stuck and you wake with stress hormones raging still in the morning. EEUGH! what a nasty way to start the day. 
And did you know that to achieve that, you need to be lights out by around 10pm, soundly sleeping before 11pm? 

No wonder so many of us wake feeling less than springy and excited for the day ahead.
So how can I support your better sleep? Not only using the modalities below, but also by teaching you more about your body and what it needs, and coaching you so that your good intentions stick. 

As I said just now, I had the belief that I had time to rest when I was in the grave, and having survived years of shift work, being a single mother, an overachiever and a party animal, I now know that these behaviours contributed to the very severe health issues I faced in my late 30's and early 40's.  My wish for you is to never go through that, by learning now how important good quality rest is too.

Better Sleep, Energy and Mental Agility: Text

Clear the rubbish

With all the talk these days of detox diets, digestive issues and poor circulation, is there anything else you can do to support your digestive and cardiovascular systems?

Chill out your mindbody

Stress is said to the at the root of up to 90% of all illness, so a pamper isn't a luxury, its a critical investment in your health and wellbeing.

Learn better ways

Coaching for wellebing may start with one clear issue, but always has significant knock on effects to the rest of your life too

Better Sleep, Energy and Mental Agility: List
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