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Career Journey

While I believe I am born to serve people health and wellbeing, I've had a diverse range of professional experiences which put in a unique position to support you.

Career Journey: List

Life has been anything but dull when it comes to work! There don't seem to be too many areas that I have not had a go at!

In the main, I have followed my vocation of supporting human wellbeing, through Nursing and then Therapy. 

I trained as a nurse from 1993, working as a health care assistant through my training and ending as a senior H grade sister by the time I left in 2008. I worked in the community as a district nurse, GP surgeries as a practice nurse. On the wards I worked in Paediatrics to Palliative care, but not ICU or HDU. I worked in various private hospitals and for a plethora of private clients in their own homes as well as in specialist clinics for anything from baby to travel vaccinations, asthma to vascular wound care.  I spent some years working as the nurse practitioner for a food intolerance company, having been trained in nutrition and intolerance protocols.

After a brief break from high pressure work as a nurse I began a new journey into allied health care, training as a massage therapist in 2010. The training has never, and will never stop!

In between those times I have worked as:

A nanny in 2 homes in Hampshire and 1 in Oxfordshire

A stable hand, and horse exerciser

A filing clerk (my dyslexia meant it was a short lived experience!)

A shelf stacker in a supermarket

A cook and kitchen aid in private catering

A waitress and then maitre D

A barmaid

Painter and decorator

As an administrator for Sun Life Canada

As a shop assistant in Peter Jones Haberdashery Department and Anne Summers 

Gardner with my own business “Carol Rose Gardening”

Cleaning lady with my own company “Carol Rose Domestic Services Ltd”

Volunteer roles include aid in Overbook International School for the Blind PA USA; The National Childbirth Trust, committee member and nursing bra fitter and provider; Godalming Toy Library; La Leche League; SOVA; FHT as local support group co-ordinator and as an ambassador; Stroke rehabilitation club assistant; residential unit for severely disabled children assistant; sailing club secretary support; domestic abuse link support. 

And perhaps some other interesting bits here and there, but in the main, I've been a nurse and therapist.

Career Journey: Text
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