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But in the man time, while I seek advice on how to create a proper complaints policy from my governing body, The Federation Of Holistic Therapists, the following applies.

If you are unhappy about any aspect of the care and communication you receive from Carol Greenwood of Greenwood Therapies, please raise the issue in writing (post or email) with me.

I am grateful to know that should I make a mistake, that you will let me know so that a satisfactory resolution can be agreed between us. It would sadden me greatly to learn I had not maintained the high standards of professional and personal care that I work so hard to maintain, but it would be worse if I was not given the opportunity to make good any justified complaint.

If this process does not meet your expectations, as a member of the FHT, my professional governing body, you are at liberty to take the matter further with them using the link below.

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