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Sports massage on leg

Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper work than Swedish massage, but similar techniques to really work into areas of soft tissue tension and ease out restrictions

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Deep tissue massage is basically somewhere between Swedish and sports massage - very basically!

I have a policy of less is more, and "No pain to gain the most".  Once the pain response is set up, the body guards against further pain by restriction and reduction of movement and blood flow following initial activation. 

So while I will use my full body weight, it is spread over a larger area through my forearms, or using your body as a pulley/lever/machine, and my elbows will provide more pressure that is more targeted, but I work carefully to ensure that we are not in fact causing more muscle fibre injury or bruising. To support this, when using deep tissue techniques, I work slower than some therapists, which allows your body time to understand what I am encouraging (relaxation), and gives it time to release the tension before we get to the point of forcing. I work with your body, more on a suggestion and request basis,  than demanding compliance.

This allows the body to work out how it can best reach release and relax, facilitating the ability to self regulate areas of high tension, and thus, learning how to heal its self.

I also invite you to connect with your inner environment, introspection, so that with conscious awareness you can learn to mindfully direct your body into more relaxed states - using the power of your mind - because its a great and under used resource!

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