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Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulator uses micro current between 1.0 and 200 Hz on biologically active points and areas to produce dynamic nerve and fascial stimulation towards improved function


This fabulous little hand held device was developed by Russian scientists, who are pretty up there as leaders in this kind of technology. 

It creates a micro current, a bit like a TENS machine (often used in birthing or chronic pain situations), but not quite the same!  

I most often use 77Hz, which ranges in sensation from nothing, to buzzing, to mild prickling. Its great from bringing down inflammation at a cellular level, and when things hurt too much to work on, often using this equipment for a few minutes does the trick. It has changed the way I work with some clients, particularly those with fybromyalgia or chronic pain issues, and is great for sprains, strains and things like keyloid type scaring.

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