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Detoxification, Circulation, Digestion

With all the talk these days of detox diets, digestive issues and poor circulation, is there anything else you can do to support your digestive and cardiovascular systems?

Detoxification, Circulation, Digestion: List

Drinking water, Bathing, Showering and walking in nature are all fabulous detox methods that stimulate the cardiovascular system, the gut and elimination systems, but they can all benefit from the following methods too.

Reiki Detox

Using the natural flow of energy in your body, clearing the blockages and boosting areas that need extra support such as the kidneys, bladder and digestive tract

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Interstital inflamation has many causes and results in swelling of the soft tissues. MLD can be a beneficial part of a combination of supportive actions to reduce the swelling, which has knock on effects.

Swedish Massage

Creating calm and space allows better body function, but there are also stimulating practices such as hacking and cupping to get your body clearing

Detoxification, Circulation, Digestion: List
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