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Hi, I'm Carol Greenwood

How can I help you? Many already know that the relationship you have with your chosen therapist is often more key to your results even that the therapy you choose. To that end, I invite you get to know me a little here, to see if I fit with you.

About Carol Greenwood: List

I am unique!

And so pleased to meet you, another perfectly unique individual! Enjoy browsing
(By the way, each is around a 3minute read)

Training and Qualifications

With over 30 years training and experience in nursing and allied health, you can rest assured you are in good hands with me.

My Philosophy

The reason I built this practice, the gifts I have inherited and unearthed that I want to share, my souls calling.

My Vision

The future is bright, if only we believe and work towards it.

Greenwood Therapies as you see it today is not the end point, growth begins at the seed

About Carol Greenwood: List

Career Journey

I was born to support peoples health and wellbeing, but along the way I've enjoyed a broad range of professional experiences which put me in a uniquely strong position to best support you.

Life Journey

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which you're gonna get next.

Recovery Journey

Chronic illness can take a lifetime to develop. Just because someone says there is no cure, doesn't mean there isn't a healthful resolution, and perhaps, it might be the best gift of your life.

About Carol Greenwood: List

Values and Beliefs

Its a mystery to me as to why we are not aware of our beliefs or values, and the formidable impact they have on our health, the health of our families, communities and our world

My World View

How we see the word is reflected back at us and onto us.

Interests and Hobbies

To work optimally with someone, it helps if you have something in common other than just the therapy and need

About Carol Greenwood: List
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