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How Does Recovery Support Work?

When you are ready to work with me, this is how it works

How Does Recovery Support Work?: List

When you think you are ready to work with me, we both first need to make sure that working together is right for you. 


When you first contact me I will send you a Health Assessment Form. It asks about your physical and mental health, past history and experiences. Its important to be totally honest and give as much detail as you can. You may of course ask friends or family to help you complete the form if your energy levels aren't up to it.

Discovery Call

Once I have had a look over this, I will invite you to book a free, no-obligation half hour Zoom "Discovery Call". The purpose of the call is for you to ask any questions and get a feel of how working with me will help you. It also gives me a chance to ask you for more detail if required, so that I can then identify which of the 6 recognized phases of recovery you are in now, and which of the 8 areas of wellbeing are the ones we need to address first. By the end of the call you will have all the information you need to know if working with me, or working on your own with The Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery Program is right for you. I will send you the recording of our conversation so that you have opportunity to listen back and mull everything over. 

If you feel that the accelerated recovery pathway I can offer you as your specialist, working with you one to one seems right, we then go to the next level, which is booking you in for the full initial consultation. There will be no hard sell from me, no pressure, and even if you decide to try alone for now, I wont be going anywhere, so you're welcome to come back any time you feel ready.

Initial Full Consultation

This is the first time you will have to invest any funds with me, and if after this appointment you want to change your mind, that's absolutely fine.

The full consultation can be conducted either in my practice room at Greenwood Therapies, or over a Zoom call. I am happy to discuss the pros and cons of either, but its your choice, and no difference in cost.

At this appointment we can begin to drill down deeper into your condition. I will go through the "wellbeing Wheel", one of the tools we use to assess and measure your progress. We can together begin to create a clear road-map to your recovery over the coming months. 

Package of Care

You have chosen to make the commitment and invest in your recovery. I offer different packages to suit your needs and budget, and having discussed with me what those are in your initial consultation, you are now free to book in for a full package.

Recovery Starter

The minimum number of sessions I can offer is 9. This has been proven to be the most successful and comprehensive model of care support at a basic level. You can have these run over between five and nine months, and it will depend on what you are able to do between sessions as to what will work best for you. 

Recovery FastTrack

I also offer 18 session packages for those who really want to get to grips with their health and wellbeing, and ensure that they discover vitality and Thrival as soon as possible. These can run between nine and eighteen months, again, depending on what you are able to do between sessions.

Recovery Combo

Finally, I also offer double sessions, where you have the recovery support and bodywork therapy running together. Naturally, the Combo package, however fabulous, will only suit those who are geographically close to Greenwood Therapies as bodywork doesn't work over Zoom so well!


You will be asked to pay the full fee of the package prior to your first session appointment (after you have already had the discovery and initial appointment). That is £950 for the recovery starter, or £1,710 for the fast track.

If this is prohibitive for you, I am able to offer payment options for recovery starter, where you pay a deposit, followed by 4 further installments prior to your 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th appointments. 

Follow-up and after-care

Having recovered, which means being able to life a full, productive life including social social life, without any sign of remission for a period exceeding twelve months, it has been shown that a bit of follow up care makes all the difference to really concrete the wellbeing into your mindbody and life. To that end, I invite you to book a package of 3 aftercare sessions to run over the next 12 months.  The last thing anyone wants is to end up back at square one again.


The online program runs for 40 sessions spread over 9 months. You can work on the program at your pace, and if doing it alone, the quickest will be nine months (although you are not tied into any kind of contract, and you are free to come and go as you need). Some of our recoverers have reached their goals within that time, while others have taken some years, maybe taking a break for a period and returning when they are ready again. 

Working with me will be a minimum of 5 months, without a maximum as I will be available for ongoing support till I retire (I have a vague plan of doing that around 2073, when I hit 100, because I LOVE this work!). This means that we do not brush over any areas, leaving you open to relapse - unless you are not ready to do it. 

It took me just under 2 years to get from bedbound to working again. Now bear in mind that I had spent the previous 10 years intensely working on my wellbeing, and its possible that that is why I turned my life around so quickly.

There is no way to predict or anticipate how long your journey will take. It will take as long as it takes. I can tell you that rushing through wont make it happen quicker without allowing time for your mindbody to adapt to improvements, without really taking the courage and time to explore the emotional and mental sides of health, without allowing time for rest, once your learn how to rest restfully again. 

But I can tell you that getting specialist professional support will help you recover quicker, and stay recovered.

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