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How does Reiki work?

If we take away the space between the physical matter of things, the world would fit on a teaspoon. Therefore, all we are in fact, just energy

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Energy is quite a buzz word these days, but what does it have to do with healing really?

Did you know that an energy frequency of 65 micro Tesla is emitted from the hands of a reiki practitioner? Yes, it has been measured! In fact, it was discovered initially back in the 1920's at Yale university under Harold Saxon Burr. Then as our ability to create more sensitive equipment developed, and the arrival of the SQUID Magnometer in the 1980s, Dr John Zimmerman at Collarado School of Medicine measured the pulsating energies of healers to be between 0.3-30Hz, mostly oscillating around 7-8Hz, which is an energetic frequency modern medicine has adopted in into devices for healing and assessing health. To learn more, start here for a whole rabbit hole of discovery!

The Nay-Sayers say it is nonsense, but these individuals clearly are unaware of advances over the last 100 years in science and technology, bless them!

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