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I Know What's Going On With You

You're not just tired. Your body doesn't just ache. Its all the other things too right?

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When I was unwell, not a single doctor or therapist I met could tell me why I had so many problems and so many really weird symptoms - Until I joined The Chrysalis Effect Program . So I made sure that I would be able to pass on how freakily normal and how brilliantly designed the human body actually is, even when it feels like it does with Chronic Exhaustive Conditions like this to my clients, so I studied some more! 

You know that song, "your head bone's connected to your neck bone, your neck bones connected to your chest bones.."? Every single system and mechanism in the human body is connected to every other system and mechanism. In time, even if just one goes out of kilter, it will affect all the others. 

When you are suffering from a chronic exhaustive condition, in the words of the esteemed Dr Sarah Myhill, "its mitochondria, not hypochondria", and mitochondria are kinda critical, so when they go off line, it gets really tricky to function what ever job you do, or what ever job a given cell of your body is supposed to do.

And, because I can explain to you why, and what's going on, and how it works and why it does it, it empowers you with the understanding and furnishes you with the skills and tools to help yourself get everything back on track, properly, for good.

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