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Intuative Fascial Release

My origional training enabled me to really tune into your body and listen to what it needs

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The ripples of stress and trauma are subtle and unique. By tuning into your body, I am able to listen to its flow, and identify where there are obstructions and blocks in that flow. Using gentle touch, and giving your body time to trust the safety of the environment I am offering, profound changes can occour, releasing both physical and mental obsticals. 

This practice works well for anyone who is able to enjoy stillness and calm. By supporting and guiding you to also connect with your innder body, called interiospection, you are not only empowered to heal at an even deeper level, you can also learn how to recover yourself in the future, either as first aid until you can see me again, or sometimes, with enough dedication and practice, to heal yourself entirely. I am all about empowerment, which is why using fascial release with Compassionate Enquiry (as I have studdied under Gabor Mate), this has proven to be a much sought after and effective somatic healing of trauma.

Healing trauma may benefit from talking therapies in some cases, but increasingly the leaders in the field acros the globe are promoting somatic practices as there is no re-traumatisation by having to re-count events, which has many benefits including minimising neuroplastically embedding the experience even deeper. 

Sessions are conducted entierly at the pace of the clients need, within a safe and held space, within their own window of tollerance. Techniques such as havening and EFT are also used during somatic release sessions.

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