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It takes at least 6 sessions

We are looking at you getting help to achieve something that has so far eluded you. If it was simple, you wouldn't be seeking the support of a coach.

It takes at least 6 sessions: List

If you could solve the issues holding you back with just an hours focusesd attention, youd have done it already. But it takes longer than that to make long lasting positive change.

First, we have to get really clear on that goal, that end point, that wish you have in your head. We need to dig deep into the reasons why you want, as well as the what you want, because sometimes, the rason you cant seem to get what you want, turns out to be that its not what you really want afterall. And there is no point us wasting our time working towards something that you dont really reallly want yourself. 

A classic example was a client who wanted to get into Law, but they were struck with illness and couldnt sit the exams. Then they had to get a job to keep a roof over their head, and obsticals just kept coming up. Now, the question we looked at was why was is getting so hard to do what she wanted. It took us 3 sessions to discover that she infact didnt want to be a solicitor, but her family were all high paid professionals and they valued those professions, but not others that they deemed lesser. What my client really wanted was the aproval of her family who had always told her she would be good in law because she had a strong sence of justice and fairness. Which was proabably true, but it was also true that she strugled with confrontation and disagreement - another reason she hadnt been able to assert her desires.

Needless to say, that although we didnt achieve her initial intended goal within the first 6 sessions, nor did we even create a road map to enable her to reach that goal. We went on to have an aditional 3 sessions (so 9 in total), and she went on to build a stronger and more authentic relatioship with her family, and moved into teaching, were she could demonstrate her values of fairness and support her students to embody good moral principles. 

She was willing to examine her situation critically, to look into the dark corners of her life and shine a light on the drivers and motivators, and by keeping a positive attitude (even if this isnt right, I will find what is), with my support and encouragement, she found great rewards within herself that she is now sharing with others as a teacher.

The reasons we experience blocks to our dream lives are more often than not deeply hidden beliefs and values that no longer serve us, even if they one did. We need to find those, and change them, in order to step into the life we want to live.

Just look at Andy Murray the tennis player - everyone knew he was a super star player, but at the final hurdle, every time he fell. Until he got the right coach, who took him into those dark corners and shone a light on those blocks, the beliefs and values, and turned his game into the game he was pretty much born to play, but it took a year of coaching to get over his blocks.

It takes at least 6 sessions: Text
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