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Keys to Recovery

Having spent well over £20,000 in therapy, Ive got a good idea of what does and what doesnt help

Keys to Recovery: List

I'm going to cut the crap here with a list of a few things that really dont work:

1) Putting your head in the sand and pretenting your fine

2) Pushing yourself harder and harder to get the job done

3) Waiting for a magic pill or single treatment to cure you

4) Allowing others to make you feel mad, bad, sad or lazy

5) Jumping from one therapy to another

6) Hopping between practitioners without a solid, cohesive, dynamic and personally tailored plan

7) Believing for one moment the B/S that there is no hope. 

8) Trying to cope alone

9) Allowing everything to carry on expecting you to suddenly actually be fine.

10) Ignoring that to recover from this condition, you need to do all the work, the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual - All of it - Ands I am here by your side so you're not alone.

Now, onto some of the things that do:

1) Accepting that you are unwell

2) Accepting that you can recover

3) Accepting that you are going to have to give it your all

4) Knowing you have a specialist in recovery, who really gets you, who knows what it this condition is like

5) Understanding exactly where your at in your recovery journey

6) Having a clear plan, a road map, of what you need to do and in what order

7) Trusting me when I tell you I believe in you, and you are doing great

8) Allowing me to guide, to nudge, or kick you back in the right direction if you wonder off course, and know that its perfectly normal to do so!

9) Accepting that recovery will take as long as it takes. Trying harder isn't how to make this work faster.

10) Always remembering that you are perfectly beautiful and you will live a perfectly beautiful life, just as soon as you are ready to.

Keys to Recovery: Text
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