Abstract Water

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Interstital inflamation has many causes and results in swelling of the soft tissues. MLD can be a beneficial part of a combination of supportive actions to reduce the swelling, which has knock on effects.


I started practicing MLD as a nurse in London in the early 1990's to support recovery of patients who had been through cancer or cardiac treatment. I have since updated my training to keep abreast of the therapys developemnts.

By stimulating the lymphatic system, that is a natural bodywide drainage system to remove excess fludi and toxins fromt he body, swelling that is both visable and descreete can be reduced. While the practice is not a quick fix, or the entire soloution to the problems, when used in conjunction with other health supporting practices, is a real bonus to wellbeing.

When the body is swolen with fluid, it cant move or function properly. Likewise, if the body is full of toxins, there is little space for nutrients, so facilitating the bodys natural elimination process is not only relaxing in itsself, it leads to improved wellbeing all round.