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Hand providing theraputic care

Massage, Bodywork
& Reiki

Are you looking to improve mobility, relieve pain, support recovery from physical injury or mental trauma, relieve stress or simply enjoy blissful relaxation? I tailor each bespoke session, combining specialisms such as those mentioned below to meet your needs. At every moment, you are the boss, because while I am the specialist with broad and deep understanding of my practice, you are the best expert in your body, and together, we can get to the root of the problem so you can flourish.

Every session is our collaboration.

Massage and bodywork sessions are an hour in length, and cost depends on location.



Swedish massage involves long flowing strokes.

This is great for stress relief and deep relaxation, but its not limited to the "chill out" zone. 

We can use percussion to stimulate deeper tissues, supporting healing and recovery, as well as providing an invigorating wake up.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release technique is a profoundly effective way of releasing deep and entrenched tension and restriction.

By working both formally and intuitively, I am able to communicate with your body to ease the root cause of recurrent or chronic issues, especially those associated with mental, emotional, spiritual or physical injury and trauma.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on sub layers of muscle using more penetrating pressure and more focused techniques. It works well with trigger point therapy to untangle persistent knots.

Deep tissue does not equal pain, and I need feedback from you to ensure we do not set up the "pain response", which will have the same issue returning.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A technique that has become popular again recently, I first started using practising as a nurse back in the early 1990's. 

This discipline is great for reducing swelling and inflammation after injury or surgery, and as part of a healthful detox. Hot stones also support deep detoxification.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is more than blissful relaxation. Using heat to increase circulation through the skin and muscles actually means we can achieve more "work" with less pressure, and therefor, more comfort.

Hot stones are undoubtedly profoundly relaxing for both mind and body, and are in most of my sessions, especially in the winter.

Soft Touch Therapy

Soft touch therapy is a deeply intuitive technique I have developed over my decades of practice. It creates a dialogue between your body and mind using me as the translator. 

Working in comfort, we set the environment to safe and secure for your body, and we can begin to re-balance the disturbances cause by the everyday traumas and life events, leading to improved wellbeing.

Jikiden Reiki Healing

An in-person reiki session is a deeply relaxing experience. 

I will ask you to take off your shoes and lie down on the warmed massage couch, and cover you with a blanket. 

I will then place a traditional cloth on your feet and over your forehead. 

I then place my hands, starting at your forehead, in specific positions, or if I am practising "Chyro", more intuitively.

I finish the session by supporting your kidneys for detoxification and a special Jikiden bodywork technique.

Distance Reiki Healing

Distance reiki, or EnKaku, is conducted over an internet zoom call, and I can administer the therapy to you in the comfort of your own home.

You will need to be able to lie down, or sit in a quiet, undisturbed and comfortable position.

I then "call" your energetic body to me, and position this on my lap, where I can then connect and treat you just as if you were here in person.

To be honest, when I first trained, I was suspect about how effective this would be, but just like the many thousands of people who have experienced it, I confirm, it is powerful indeed.

 Other Disciplines

As a professional soft tissue and bodywork therapist of many years of training and experience, I have learned a diverse and far reaching range of techniques, which are too many to list. I dip in and out of a variety of disciplines during the course of a session, and may include moves and practices such as Trigger Point Therapy, Shitazu, or Lomi Lomi to name a few. And for example, while I am not a qualified reflexologist, I may at times consult charts to help me identify areas that may be helpful to us both moving forward. 

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