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Mobility, Movement, Stiffness

Reduced mobility in our senior years doesn't suddenly start because we hit 60, it creeps in slowly from decades before. The sooner you ease the flow of movement, the less you will suffer.

Mobility, Movement, Stiffness: List

There is more to bodywork than just massage, so I can show you how to stretch yourself out using soft tissue techniques through the videos that I have made HERE in my "Self Care Clips" as well as using the modalities below. 

There is more to movement than just movement - to keep your body free and easy, you need to consider your nutrition, your work life balance, and your joy levels too. I can support you, or if it turns out you need more specialist help, I can refer you to the highest standard of practitioners in other specialisms like nutrition or yoga.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Every knock your mindbody experiences is held in your body's physical memory banks, until it is correctly addressed and metabolized. MRT is one such way of addressing restrictions.

Swedish Massage

Soothing long strokes (effleurage), mixed with more intensive working movements (petrissage, kneading, friction), energizing percussion (hacking, beating, pounding, cupping, tapotement), and vibration in combination or pick and mix

Hot Stone Massage

Using Basalt Stone, magma from the core of the earth that was created by nature to hold its heat and pure regenerative energy to penetrate tension and melt it away.

Mobility, Movement, Stiffness: List
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