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My answers to those questions

Under the spotlight

Let me give you my answers, to save you having to come back and ask!

My answers to those questions: List
  1. I am specifically trained as a Specialist Practitioner for M.E, CFS and Fibromyalgia care and recovery.

  2. My training is recognized and accredited by The Federation Of Holistic Therapists, of which I am a member, the largest professional body for Holistic Therapists in the UK, and recognized internationally.

  3. I not only partake in CPD for my bodywork and Reiki and Coaching therapies, but also specifically in the arena of chronic exhaustive conditions at least once a month, so you know I am always top of my game.

  4. I can explain exactly why you are experiencing the symptoms you have, and we will discuss this in your sessions with me.

  5. I can help you identify exactly where you are in the recognized 6 phases of recovery, and help you move to the next one quicker than if you were working through the program on your own.

  6. I believe that we need real specialists to help us cope with complex problems. If your case is quite simple, you may not need to see anyone else, but if I feel there is an area that requires a specialist, for example to help with nutrition or trauma, then I have the most amazing team ready to help with those specific issues while you keep working with me on the other "stuff".

  7. The Chrysalis effect is the only recovery program that has a clear recovery plan, ensuring that all 8 critical areas of wellbeing are addressed, and the benefit of working with me, is that I can provide you with those components at the time you need them most, where as working independently on the program, you have to wait until that lesson comes out.

  8. I give you "touch base" calls between our usual sessions included in the package, and we can arrange further support if required.

  9. Included in subscription to the Chrysalis Effect, a critical part of our agreement, is access to the closed Facebook group of hundreds of people, those just beginning on their recovery journey like you, as well as people like me who have already recovered and all the other specialist practitioners. 

  10. You can access support whenever you need it. Sunday afternoon? Its there! Christmas day? Of course! Middle of the night? no problem! We understand that these conditions can affect you at the most inconvenient times, and thats when you need support most, so its there for you.

  11. It depends on where your at as to which therapies may help, and which may hinder your progress. A detox may seem like an ideal choice, but only when your body is strong enough to cope with it. Along with my specialist practitioner team, we can identify what's good, and what's not, specifically for where your right now.

  12. I use internationally recognized tools specifically designed to assess your progress at specific times in your recovery. We can also assess your progress when ever you feel you need to know using our wheel.

  13. I offer different care packages that can be made to fit the time scale that you want and suit your needs. Once we have had your introduction appointment, I will suggest which package I feel is the best suited to you, taking into account your present picture of health/illness, and working within your budget. If I suggest you see one of my specialist colleagues, this will incur additional cost according to the number of sessions they feel you need, but at no time are you obligated to accept these recommendations, and as far as we are able, we will always do our upmost to provide accurate estimates as to the cost as soon as need becomes clear.

  14. I offer payment installment plans as outlined in my care packages if balancing your books is proving tricky right now.

  15. My first experience of un-diagnosed fatigue was when I was 15 years old. I then had a period of about 5 years without significant symptoms, before I developed what I now recognize as severe fibromyalgia - back then little was known or understood about the condition and I was told there was nothing wrong with me. My spinal specialist at a top London hospital actually told me to "run along now little nursey" following an appointment to investigate why I was unable to walk! I then experienced a range of symptoms, with periods of crash and remission for the next 25 years before I was finally diagnosed with CFS/Fibromyalgia in 2019 during a period where I was virtually bed bound for 5 months.

  16. Despite investing many thousands of pounds in individual therapists over the last 19 years of so, most of which helped a bit, I remained on the downward spiral to collapse until I joined the Chrysalis Effect. And just over 2 years later.... HELLO!! I am back, loving my work and my life!

  17. And finally, the question of value. I absolutely know that the care, specialist knowledge, connections to equally specialist prectitioners are invaluable to your recovery. I am not cheap, but neither is my training or the hours of continuing study not only of your case, but also the emerging and developing understanding of the issues that challenge you and how to move through them in the most productive way. I have worked out that I spent over £20,000 at least over the years looking for solution's to the pain, exhaustion, brain-fog and other issues I suffered. And that estimate is based on the last 6 years alone. My story is a long way from the most expensive either! The Chrysalis Effect system, with the specialist you have access to, the 24/7 wrap around support, cutting edge care provision and full recovery over your life again, when compared to an unstructured approach can save you literally thousands of pounds. If Id found it sooner, I could have saved the cost of a deposit on a first home: Started a totally new business including training and premises; boosted my pension by £10,000.  And then there's the emotional cost of suffering such a misunderstood, complex and often confusing debilitating condition. The cost to my family and friends as well as ones sense of self. 

  • What is your condition costing you?

  • What is your loss of earnings?

  • What are the treatments and therapies your trying so far costing you?

  • What is the emotional cost to you?

  • What is the cost to your family, your friends now that you can no longer share the fun times with them? 

Am I good value? I would say that the value of regaining your life, actually makes me cheap.

My answers to those questions: Text
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