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My Philosophy

The reason I built this practice, the gifts I have inherited and unearthed that I want to share, my souls calling.


Understanding one's philosophy of life, clarifying it, and then living by it is a precious gift, and one that takes way more work than it should to work out!  But philosophy is the mother and father of science - it was through philosophy of ancient times that the questions were asked that science evolved to answer. First there was philosophy, then physics, then chemistry than biology then all the others! But it is sadly not a feature of modern society in general at the moment.

To understand one's philosophy, one must examine one's values, beliefs and actions; observe where there is congruence and harmony, and where there is discord and fracture.

My purest single word philosophy is “KINDNESS”.

Kindness to self, to others, to environment, to world. 

That is not saying yes and giving everything that is asked, but having the wisdom to balance the needs, and understand the drivers of others and ultimately of self. 

I put Wellbeing at the top of my priorities, as without a well mindbody, one is not at liberty to fully immerse oneself in the diverse experiences that our human existence has to offer. It takes Kindness to yourself to be able to achieve this.

Family are my close second value, be that family of birth, family of upbringing, or of choice. It can include the family of community, and the family of humanity, as we are ultimately all related in the human genome. It can even be extended to the family of all living things, as our symbiotic relationship with the ecosystems of our biome and virome, right to the ecology of the earth require again, kindness to thrive.

All in all, perhaps it is to come from a place of absolute Love that is key to a joyful life. Love is the antidote to fear, to anger, to pain, to suffering.