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My symptom list by 2019

Ive mentioned a few of my symptoms along the way above, but things got very weird by 2019

My symptom list by 2019: List

Crushing exhaustion not alleviated by sleep or rest

Brain fog, to complete loss of higher function

Constant feeling of overwhelming TERROR

Incontinence, both bladder and bowel

IBS pain

Nausea and vomiting 

Inability to understand simple instructions

Inability to make noise or communicate

Hypersensitivity to smell

Loss of appetite, annorexia (I lost 3 stone)

Body wide screaming pain

Muscle pain

Joint pain

Dental and mouth pain

Organ pain

Maximum body temperature of 35.2

Sore skin rashes so I couldn't wear anything tight, even underwear.

Multiple cold sores

Constant skin and nail infections

Blisters all over scalp

Hair loss 

Breathing difficulties - I hardly breathed

Inability to take, process or recall any information

Dizziness to the point of vomiting

Sever blurred vision

Inability to cope with light, even through a blackout blind

Inability to cope with sound even with ear plugs and a pillow over my head

Numbness of my whole body,  lessening to tingling, with numb limbs occasionally

Unable to sit up let alone stand for exhaustion

Deep suicidality, with planning on the occasions I had any mental ability.

It was a torturous living death.

My symptom list by 2019: Text
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