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My Vision

The future is bright, if only we believe and work towards it.

Greenwood Therapies as you see it today is not the end point, growth begins with a vision to the future.

My Vision: List

Through example and profession, to be a part of the conscious awakening to Health, Wellbeing, Fitness, and World Vitality.

Greenwood Therapies is just the one part of the start of a health revolution desperately needed not just locally, but globally

Greenwood Therapies is now a part of the Greenwood Holistic Health Group, an umbrella under which specialisms of care can be unified and aligned with the goal of empowering individuals to greater wellbeing. 

Fatigue Free Me is another arm of the group, focussing on supporting individuals suffering from chronic exhaustive conditions, such as CFS, ME, PVF, PCAS, to be able to fully engage in a healthful, joyous and meaningful life.

It is my intention to create, under this umbrella group, The Greenwood Centre, where a focus on individual to planetary health education facilitates empowered and healthful life choices; Where individuals and groups can enjoy spending an hour or a week in a supportive and proactive environment to engender improved wellbeing; Where allied and complementary health professionals can provide their services and support on an individual basis, or as part of an holistic and comprehensive package of health and wellbeing support; Where the interaction of humanity and nature are in balance and harmony; Where the foundations of wellbeing are entrenched in joy and community.

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