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You are worth this investment

Let me illustrate why

When we thrive, when we are as whole as we can be, when we are healed of our hurts, we become a positive force in the world.

When we take personal responsibility for our thrival, for our own wellbeing, we empower ourselves to take the driving seat in our lives.

When we live by example, we empower those we love to do the same, be that our family, our friends, our communities - our loved ones.

When we are well, we can depend on ourselves to be able to handle life's curveballs and hiccups, and so can those who need us in their lives.

When we attend our own wellbeing, we are strong, and we can continue to support those through their challenges, without getting drained, run down, exhausted and broken. ​ When we are well, when we are strong, when we are thriving, we become a source of love and joy to those who's lives we touch, not a cause of worry, fear or frustration. ​ If you have anyone, or anything in your life that needs you, you need to take care of yourself. ​ And let me tell you for sure, the world needs you.

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