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Reiki Calm

Reiki induces a state of calm, relaxation, allowing your rest, digest and repair system to come back on line

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Every client I have treated with Jikiden Reiki has reported feeling a deep sense of calm and relaxation both during and after the session. With regular sessions, the calm ability to think clearly, manage stressful periods in life, can lead to a virtually habitual state of functional calm bliss.

We, as a living thing, use energy, electricity, throughout our bodies for cellular communication via nerves and the fascial matrix, and in in bodily functions such as the beating of our hearts, movement of our muscles, and even our thoughts and feelings.

We have a positive charge at the top of our heads, which transmutes to negative in our hands and feet.  This is mirrored in our environment, were the heavens are positively charged, and the earth negatively. 

When our bodies are out of balance, this beautiful flow from positive to negative charge becomes distorted and chaotic, which impairs out ability to function optimally, leading eventually to disease. A reiki therapist is able to sense where there is chaos in the energy field, and with light touch with intended focus, can help the body to calm and organize the electrons, enabling energy to flow smoothly again. 

You may notice similarity with therapeutics such as acupuncture, which aims to release the hot spots of chaotic or blocked energy, and indeed, you would be right to make the link, even though the origins of reiki came from studying faith and tribal healing methods in order to determine a system that worked without allegiance to any thought or belief system. It has the added advantage of being a gentle and comfortable experience.

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