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Reiki mindbody reconnect

Stress and worry create a disconnect between mind and body, and in this state, wellness can not thrive

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Our thoughts create feelings, and feelings create changes in our bodies.

Thoughts are mental processes that naturally excite electrical and hormonal responses including leading to the development of a feeling or emotion.

Feelings or emotions create further bioelectrophyscial changes in our body, think of butterflies in your tummy before a test, feeling lighter than air when in love, or the weight of the world when depressed.

Now recall the shift these emotions create in your posture. Your chest is more likely to be raised to the sky when elated, and turned down to the earth when despondent. Even your face will show how you feel. This postural and facial shifts take energy to create and maintain.

You will have heard people talk of having a mental block, or feeling stuck in an emotion such as grief or depression. The energy has become stagnant or blocked.

Reiki, using the enhanced channelling of electrical impulses, helps to clear the blocks, move the stagnant energy and create flow in your life force energy.

The sessions allow you to experience, with relaxed focus, the shifts, which in itself can improve the mind-body connection on both the conscious and unconscious levels.

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