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This is where you will find links to articles, information, therapists and practices to support your journey to true Thrival

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Its a new library of resources, growing as I create time to share

Self Care Clips

At great entertainment and the challenge of overcoming a dislike of recording myself, some stretches you can perform safely at home

Books and Reading

With an ever growing professional library here at Greenwood Therapies, I'm often recommending to clients

Research and Articles

Sometimes information is so cutting edge, it hasn't made it into a book yet. Here I share those otherwise hidden gems with you

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Some are video, other just audio, but it is through conversation that we learn so much, so here I share some of mine with you

Case Studies

Case studies are a critical component of my training, but also by sharing with you some of mine, you can learn more about the healing I can facilitate in you.

Little Observations

Throughout our lives we have moments of clarity and inspiration that we would like to share. If I have another that I think you may like, this is where it will be!

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You can review my policies such as medical, GDPR, cancellation and so on here

Resources: List
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