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Route Planning

So, Whats The Plan?

First we have a free, no obligation half hour chat to ensure that we are a good fit, that we both feel confident that your investment in yourself will pay off by working with me. 

So, Whats The Plan?: List

To get from A (where you are now), to Z (where you want to be), you need to know first of all where A and Z are. 

You can then assess which is the fastest, which is the prettiest, and which is the hardest route and so on a so forth, and make a plan of how to get there.

This is a big comitment. Its a big comitment to YOURSELF. Choosing to invest at least 6 one hour sessions with me, plus the touch base contacts between the sessions, plus the personal thinking and exploring time, the searching and investigating time, the weighing up options time - thats a fair few hours you are making a firm comitment to - I dont do refunds so you really are comitted once you decide to give yourself the professional support you need.

Then there is the cost as well - so in short, you have to be sure that this is the right option for you, at the right time.

For this reason, and I know how poerful coaching is when its done at the right time with full comitment - I start by giving you a free half hour Zoom call with me to mull stuff over together. You have to feel comfortable with me, so if lets say, my voice irritates you - I am not the right coach for you! in this free, no-obligation call, you can ask me all your questions, and I will ask some of you too to ensure that we are a good fit.

After that, I invite you to book your 6 sessions, usually at 2 weekly intervals - but we will have discussed this during your free call. I ask that you comit to being able to make the same time and the same day for all your sessions, and book them all in at once so that we are both really clear on the time scale and appointment times. You will need to pay the fee up front for all 6 sessions, partly because this ensures that you follow through with your promise to yourself that you will complete the course.

Along with the 6 one hour Zoom call or in-person sessions, you have 60 minutes of aditional contact time. I usually recomend that we "touch base" with a quick 10 minute email or call half way between each session. Ill give you more detail on this with the paperwork and agreement we both sign at the beginnning.

Remember, that I will support you, champion your achievements, and with your permssion, be totally honest about what I see happening. SO If I see evidence of self sabotage, I will point it out. If I see evidence that suggests your not showing comitiment, I will highlight it to you. This is because honest communication is key to sucess in this process, and I want you to suceed - it makes me feel great when you have!

You are welcome to book further packages of 3 or 6 sessions at any time after our inital run of 6, either if you need a bit more support or want to address a new intention.

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