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Hand Massage

Soft Touch Therapy

This is a little like trigger work, a little like Bowen Technique, but not quite either! Using soft touch to release and soothe points of constriction throughout your body.

Along the years, I have found that my clients frequently benefited more from softer touch work than either they or I expected. And as time has passed, I have developed my own way of working with clients that has proven to be soothig, relaxing and releasing of both physical expressions of stress (tight and restricted muscles), and the deeper stresses of past psychological or emotinoal stresses that the body remembers, even if you think you are "over it", or have cognatively addressed the events. 

The result of these sesssions is not just a sence of deep calm and relaxation; ease and a wider freer range of movement; but also improved biological functioning of the organs and systems of the body that were previously held back by these tension and trauma areas hidden around the body.

Soft Touch Therapy: List
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