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Team work

Specialist Team Approach

Chronic exhaustive conditions affect every system in your body, and you need specialists to support you

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If you want your team to win, you make sure your team is made up of the best individuals for each position right? You don't put a goal keeper in the center midfield position, or make up your entire team out of strikers!

I head up a multi-disciplinary team of trauma informed, fatigue recovery specialists to ensure that what ever area you need specialist help in, I can get the right person to you. 

In my team, I have Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioners like Dr Patrica Worby PhD, of Alchemy Therapies, Bee Innes IFM, of Healthy Be Natropathy, Dr Rainer Viehweger MD of Tybmas Health amongst others. We work together to make sure that every aspect of your life critical to making that full recovery is covered. 

Some of you may only need to work with me along with the Chrysalis Effect recovery program, while others will need additional specialist support. Each client has their own bespoke, dynamic, wrap around recovery pathway created, and remains in full control of who they see, and when they see them. I will be with you every step of the way to guide and support you.

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