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I am new to all this so was not sure what to expect.  From the moment I walked in, to the moment I left Carol was welcoming and professional making me feel at ease and answering all my questions along the way plus her treatment room was warm and welcoming.  I came with aches and pains in my shoulders and lower back and when I left, I felt like I was walking on air and floaty plus I experienced a sense of calm I had not felt for ages.  Carol has said to resolve the issue will take a few sessions and I look forward to booking my next one with her.

Clare, St Austel

Below are some of the testamonials I have been sent, but there are more on my Google page, where I have a 5 Star rating. Many thanks to all my clients who have taken the time to share their experience to help inform others about my services. 

Big Shiny Gold Star!

I was lucky enough to receive 6 session life coaching from Carol Greenwood. This has been a fantastically positive experience for me. Having a person with Carol’s wealth of experience combined with the life coaching skills has made a huge difference to how I approach life. Carol is knowledgeable in so many different areas, she gave advice when required and supported me to make decisions myself teasing out the skills I already have combined with her life coaching techniques. Carol in punctual and the sessions timed well. I cannot recommend Carol highly enough. Thank you for your time and help.

Emma Stewart, Carmarthenshire

I found Carol to be a very good listener and was perfectly placed to help me with my wellbeing goals. She works very intuitively and was able to hold the space for me when I had
an emotional break through. She has great empathy and a lot of valuable knowledge in the holistic health space that she is able to pass on to her clients.
I think she is perfectly placed to be an excellent coach. I wish you well with your future endeavours.

Paula Fenegan

When I first started working with Carol, I had a lack of clarity around my goals for my career in relation to my finances as well as where to direct my energy. Our early sessions bought in to sharp focus how I was playing small and working with minimums, Carol supported me through valuable exercises which enabled me to shift my thinking in a big way. The personal exploration and accountability process with Carol took my vision from being a list of ideas, to a set of steps that I then began to action. These steps in the right direction gathered momentum as did my belief in what was possible. The evidence for my full potential had been there all along and working with Carol enabled me to shine a bright light on it. Since our sessions together I have continued to work on my plan, amazing opportunities have entered my life which I have been able to grasp with complete trust in where I am headed. I highly recommend Carol’s coaching services.

R. Bush

"I cannot recommend Carol enough, she has an intuitive style, which helps her pinpoint and address the underlying cause of the problem. I had been to several different therapists and was becoming resigned to no longer running for any significant length of time without discomfort. Through a mixture of styles Carol has enabled me to run pain free and increase my mileage to a level whereby I have recently run well under two hours for a half marathon."
Steven, Reigate

"I worked with Carol and knew that she was, and is, a practical and sensible person. When my shoulders got so sore that I was having difficulty walking straight, she asked me what was wrong. I told her about my original injury and she promptly demanded to check it out and see what was going on. I was doubtful, how could massage, following years of treatment from doctors, make a difference? But, because this was Carol and my trust in her was total, I agreed. After a single session I could actually stand up properly, without crooking my neck to avoid pain in upper back and shoulders. The energy Carol uses in deep tissue massage is phenomenal – I felt years younger, my skin glowed for days after and because I was pain free, I was happy. I cannot recommend her highly enough – you have to try it to understand. Don’t hold back – let Carol help you, I promise you will never regret it!"
Mary, Winchester


"Wanted to say thank you so much for the massage on Monday. I really enjoyed it

and have been feeling less tense and more grounded since."
Caroline, Alresford

"I had a fantastic 2 hour Swedish massage with Carol. She was extremely knowledgeable in the consultation and gave me advice for other types of treatments which could also help which I hadn't heard before. I have tried a few different therapists in the local area and she is by far the most personable and easy to get on with. Highly relaxing and enjoyable experience."

Alex is an Officer with the British Army, so he is frequently pushing his physical ability to the limits. He sees me after exercises (which sound incredibly stressful both mentally and physically). His first session with me was just an hour, but having had longer sessions he now usually enjoys either a 2 or 3 hour appointment every 2 to 3 months depending upon his postings. We usually start with chatting and catching up with what he has been doing since we last met, but soon he drifts off with the relaxing music and massage.

Alex, Winchester

"Incredibly good massage with Hot Stones yesterday with Carol. Feel amazing! Best massage I have ever had. Thanks so much."

Cathy has enjoyed Swedish massage with me for over 6 months, and was very wary of Hot stones due to a negative past experience at a spa where the stones were too hot and were just placed on her while she was left alone to lie still for half an hour on her own. She has a lot of deep tension in her shoulders in particular, which were so tender I was not able to use more than a mild amount of pressure. The result was that during our sessions, I could only lessen the tension a little. I knew that Hot Stones would make a massive difference to the session, and so worked with her until she was ready to try it. She hasn't gone back to any other form of massage, and has Hot Stones every 2 months to keep the severe painful tension she used to experience at bay.

Cathy, Bishops Sutton

"Carol provides nothing but the highest standard of professional care in all of her therapies and the depth of her knowledge is second to none. It is my pleasure to recommend her business and to endorse the skills that she offers."

Jeanette, Crewe

"Carol provides great deep tissue massage and has helped me on many occasions relieve the aches and tension felt.She has been very helpful in providing post sporting injury massage to my often battered body enabling me to get back active as soon as possible. I would highly recommend Carol."

Duncan is a keen footballer, and we work hard together to keep him supple and relaxed. When he didn't see me regularly one season, he experienced injury after injury - a mistake he has chosen not to make again! We chat during our sessions, and enjoy friendly banter, as that is how he feels most comfortable.

Duncan, Overton

"Carol provides great deep tissue massage and has helped me on many occasions relieve the aches and tension felt.She has been very helpful "Thank you Carol. A most relaxing massage. The tension just melted away. Everyone should treat themselves to this; there is so little time to stop and relax in modern life...I can highly recommend Carol to anyone. A most professional and intuitive treatment. Many thanks Richard"

Richard has a combination of therapies including Myofascial Release and deep tissue to create space and relaxation in his body, and his mind.

Richard, Bishops Sutton

"Carol in in tune with a river of relaxation that runs through her bones and blood. Once her hands land on skin, its like the kiss of air on water. Everything moves naturally again. Balance is restored."

Mick first saw me when I lived and worked in Godalming and has followed me to Alresford. He enjoys a soothing Swedish massage, and likes gentle music.

Mick, Godalming

"I have massage every 2 weeks with Carol. I use the sessions in two main ways; as a relaxation; and a conscious awareness of my body. I find that the relaxation and mental space enables me to focus on the muscle groups that Carol is working on, enabling me to release whatever is being held there on both a physical and emotional level. Without it, I feel my body and mind would suffer equally with the pressures of every day life."

Caroline is herself a therapist. She benefits from the gentle touch of Swedish massage following around 45 minutes of myofascial release technique. During our session, we do not talk as she enjoys the tranquillity of silence. I have been seeing her for around 8 months regularly, and she feels that seeing me every 2 weeks is what benefits her for general good health, and if she has any problems, she visits in-between too.
Caroline, Old Alresford

"I would like to thank Carol Greenwood for an exceptional treatment, never experienced anything like it, it was amazing! Myofascial and massage absolutely brilliant! Carol is exceptionally knowledgeable and intuitive. I cant recommend her highly enough x"

Emma sees a chiropractor averaging once a year when her back gets so sore that she locks up. I saw her just once, for an hour and a half session. When I arrived she had fallen down the stairs a few days before, and was finding even simple tasks like walking difficult and her sleep was suffering due to pain. I could not help the bruising, but she cancelled the appointment for chiropractic treatment and expressed feeling more comfortable after our session than she had in years.

Emma, Ammanford

"I just wanted to tell you, whatever you did in my treatment has made one heck of a difference to me! You are AMAZING! I feel more in alignment, definitely more energy, better balance, more space inside me, my foot is comfortable, my tummy has space and I can breathe easier. Thank you Little Miss Magic Hands!"

I have been working with this lady for some time, and she has also been seeing Bronwyn Jones, Alresford Osteopath craniosacral therapist, and Annette Hornby, Kinesiologist. Both therapists had felt that she was short of oxygen, although no sign of problems with her heart or lungs apparent. I was aware that she had been experiencing long standing stress, so having discussed with her my plan, we tried an experimental intuitive treatment on her Psoas muscle which is directly affected by stress, and as it tightens and shortens if pulls on the hips, thighs, spine and diagraphagm, all areas with which she has had restriction. During the session she reported feeling a sense of movement and release deep inside her abdomen and legs. The following day, she felt zingy and springy, but reacted with caution as a small release can often create more energy and vitality, but may require further treatments to add permanence to the treatment. The second day after the treatment she felt even better, with improved balance, greater comfort in her foot (which she had turned over on some months before), greater energy again and a vitality she had not experienced in many years. She has homework to practice yoga, both the Tree Pose and Sun Salutation at home, and we will continue to build on this deep area of treatment.

Anita, Alresford

“I came to see Carol, not really sure what it was I needed, but feeling the need for something! I was just recovering from a bout of back pain, the first in a very long time, I was feeling generally tense and ‘out of sorts’ and in need of something different. Carol was recommended to me, but I was also attracted to the flexible nature of the treatments that she offers, as for me this makes sense – tailoring the specific treatment used to what is presented. Sometimes as a customer I don’t always know what is likely to work best for a given issue, so it’s great to know that every time I go, she will sense what’s needed and adapt her treatment accordingly. She is also very careful to make sure you are comfortable, both in terms of your physical comfort, but also that you are feeling OK with the treatments she is doing. I have left every session so far feeling both relaxed and uplifted.”

I see Nicole every 4 to 5 weeks, and with the exercises I have suggested and the work we do in her sessions, she is more able to cope with the demands of every day life as a working mother, approaching life with a sense of calm and physical ease and comfort.

Nicole, Alresford

"Carol took a very thorough history and gave me plenty of useful tips to follow, before giving me the most wonderful Reiki session. I left feeling so much better in myself (and about myself). I can wholeheartedly recommend her treatments!"

Lizzie is very aware of the need for self care, and has done a lot of work to make sure that she remains at her best. The reiki really helps her keep on top of her game.

Lizzie, Ropley

"So the start of my journey with Carol threw me and made me realise just how much I was struggling to look forward to my weekends, even after working a busy week the time that was free at the weekend made me feel empty and totally lacking in enthusiasm for anything. I felt lost without the structure I have in the week ...... I actually got to the point where I dreaded the weekend.
I realised that what I wanted was to be creative, so this is what we both decided to focus on. I went through many emotions in the first few sessions when we explored my past and my own thoughts on why I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to.
We explored my fear of never finishing a project and Carol encouraged me to express my feelings as to where this came from.
The sessions in time made me explore different avenues for me to be creative and my emotions were changing with each week to a more positive, productive and excited outlook.
We set some goals which I have achieved but not always fully but Carol embraced and encouraged me to move forward.
I have found the coaching very fulfilling and enlightening and I no longer dread the weekends as I have a more positive attitude to my creative self.
I would highly recommend Carol as she gave me confidence, she was very engaging and encouraged me to move forward. The sessions were very emotional at times and Carol was supportive and caring in her manner which made me feel very comfortable.
I would certainly do this again."

Rachel, Shropshire

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