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Training and Qualifications

With over 30 years training and experience in nursing and allied health, you can rest assured you are in good hands with me.

Training and Qualifications: List

Compassionate Enquiry, With Dr Gabor Mate; July 2021
Trauma Informed Practice, Including the effects of PASC and Pandemic; May 2021 (CE)
Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome Began; 2021 (School of New Joy)
Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner; April 2021 (CE)
iLm Wellbeing Coaching November; 2020 (CE)
The Chrysalis Effect Program March; 2020 (CE)
Dealing with Distress: working with suicide and self-harm; January 2020 (CS)
Challenging the Misconceptions and Misdiagnoses of Neuropsychiatric and Pathogen-Triggered Disorders; November 2018 (ANOM)
Treating chronic stress and stress-induced pains: for therapists; August 2018 (MDD)
Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders; July 2018 (MDD)
CMI Coaching and Mentoring Level 3; June 2018 (University of Southampton)
CMI First Line Management Level 3; June 2018 (University of Southampton)
Advanced Myofascial Techniques for manual therapy practitioners 1-8; January 2018 (TLUSA)
Emergency First Aid at Work for Therapists; June 2017 (FHT)
All about the Emmett Technique; May 2017 (HHS)
Examining and treating the sacroiliac joint; May 2017 (HHS)
Release your WOW; May 2017 (HHS)
Animal Healing; November 2016 (FHTLSG)
Jikiden Reiki Okuden; February 2016 (Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan)
Jikiden Reiki Shoden; January 2016 (Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan)
EMF and health; January 2016 (FHTLSG)
Active Fascial Release; September 2015 (CAM)
Myofascial Release for emotional and physical chronic pain; September 2015 (CAM)
Anatomy Trains and Functional Movement; September 2015 (CAM)
A new Paradigm in water; September 2015 (FHTLSG)
Quick recovery bodywork techniques; July 2015 (FHTLSG)
Using EFT for absolutely everything - how to get great results; June 2015 (SMF)
Corse Skills; June 2015 (SOVA)
Looking after yourself; October 2014 (FHT)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage diploma; July 2014 (GW)
Myofascial Release Diploma March 2014 (GW)
Still touch and baby massage; July 2014 (FHTLSG)
Go with the flow - And introduction to Craniosacral Therapy;October 2013 (CAM)
Hot and Cold Stone massage Diploma; April 2013 (GW)
Diploma in Holistic Massage level 3; November 2012 (ITEC)
Diploma in Body Massage level 3; July 2010 (ITEC)
Single Parenting 101 Began: 2007 (School of Hard Knocks)
Nursing registration in New Zealand; August 2006 (Nursing Council of New Zealand)
Micro Medical Spirometery; October 2005 (FPH)
Occupational Health nursing requirements; June 2005 (FPH)
Dealing with abuse, understanding dementia and protection of vulnerable adults; May 2005(ACE)
COSHH and RIDDOR; July 2005 (ACE)
Travel Vaccinations; October 2004 (HVS)
Baby Immunisations; October 2004 (NHHT)
Asthma Care in the Community; September 2004 (NHHT)
Parenting 101 Began!; 2001 (School of Hard Knocks)
Phlebotomy Procedures; August 1999 (NHH)
Paediatric medic first Aid; July 1999 (EMP)
Nutrition, supplementation, exchange and food intolerance; January 1999 (Neutron)
Palliative Care Diploma: March 1998 (South Bank University London)
Continuing clinical assessment; September 1997 (City University London)
Disabilities Awareness; April 1997 (UCL)
Blood sugar monitoring and diabetes care; April 1997 (UCL)
Homelessness and Healthcare; April 1997 (UCL)
Risk Management; April 1997 (UCL)
Multicultural community needs; April 1997 (UCL)
Infection Control; April 1997 (UCL)
Diploma in nursing science; April 1997 (University College London)
Sighted guide for the visually impared diploma; May 1992 ()verbrook International School for the Blind P.A.USA)
‘A’level Social Biology C; 1991
GCSE English B2; 1991
RSA Word processing; 1991
OCR Information Technology; 1991
Teeline Shorthand; 1991
Stroke rehabilitation support certificate; 1991
Certificate of skills supporting physically and mentaly handicapped children; 1991
1990 - oops!
GCSE Human Biology A; 1989
GCSE General Science A; 1989
GCSE Home Economics B; 1989
GCSE Mathematics C; 1989
GCSE English C1; 1989
GCSE English Literature C; 1989
GCSE French C; 1989
GCSE Art and design C; 1989
GCSE Music C; 1989
These are the trainings and qualifications that I have hard evidence of, but of course, one learns much through experience, and with over a quarter of a centry in professional practice, there is a wealth of experience to be gained! 
I also feel it is of worth to note that with the emergence of the "Super Conference" on line, that I attend at least one a quarter in detail, and its rare a week goes by without me dipping my toes into something!

Training and Qualifications: Text
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