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Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

Modern medicine says these are mental states and not connected to the body, but that is frankly the most dangerous and idiotic belief. Our bodies are affected by our minds, and visa versa. It takes attention to both to achieve equilibrium.

Trauma, Anxiety and Depression: List

As an accredited Trauma Aware Practitioner, I see things that other therapists might not notice. And I am able to explain to you why and how and what is going on in your body, and support you as a part of your recovery process. 

I am not a psychotherapist or counsellor, but by working with the mindbody in a compassionate and informed understanding way, many clients report lifting of mood, reduction in symptoms, and improved overall wellbeing and resilience to life's many challenges.
The simple act of human touch has a deep and powerful effect on the constitution of the recipients mind, with measurable changes in various hormones associated with both positive and challenging mental and physical states.  There is an increase in dopamine, serration and Oxycontin - the body's natural pain relief, happy pill, and love hormones.  Conversely, the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol drop. So when you have a bodywork therapist, who is Trauma Informed, and a specialist Wellbeing coach, you potentially have quite a strong ally to support you back to balance and wellbeing.
The modalities below may be of particular use as part of your recovery process, but do not replace conventional medical interventions as prescribed by your GP or specialist. 

Trauma, Anxiety and Depression: Text

Myofascial Release Technique

This is my favorite technique for the breadth and depth of application and success rate.

Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching for wellebing may start with one clear issue, but always has significant knock on effects to the rest of your life too

Jikiden Reiki

Reiki energy healing is more than just relaxing the mind, it has deep phsyical effects on healing too

Trauma, Anxiety and Depression: List
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