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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point is another way of working with the myofascial system.  You may have noticed some trigger points yourself in the form of "knots", or harder "stringy" bits in your muscles. These are not actually muscle fibres, but a hardening of the myofascia that coats each cell and muscle, as a result of stress and trauma. Remember that stress is anything that creates tension in the body, so it can be a physical stress such as a hard workout or injury, or a mental, emotional or spiritual stress that the body has stored. 

By understanding and working with the fascial planes of the body, I am able to locate these bands and knots of tension potentially before they become so pronounced that you notice them even, and release them gently.

The amazing thing is, that by allowing the body to return to its natural ease and flow through the fascia, the effects of many discomforts and diseases can be ameliorated completely.

Trigger Point Therapy: List
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