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Values and Beliefs

Its a mystery to me as to why we are not aware of our beliefs or values, and the formidable impact they have on our health, the health of our families, communities and our world

Values and Beliefs: List

My #1 top value is my wellbeing

I will always put my wellbeing, which includes my health and fitness, above and infront of everything. Does that sound selfish to you? Well, let me ask you this, when you are unwell, what happens to your life and the lives of those around you? I imagine there is at a minimum, some disruption? Perhaps some worry? 

If we do not listen to the whispers of our bodies when they try to tell us "all is not well", the whispers of not feeling quite well will turn into shouts of being ill. And if we continue to ignore the voice of our body by just managing the symptoms, without looking for the root cause and addressing that, the shout will turn into your body throwing a brink through your window and some very serious health event will occur, one that you can not ignore, and often, nor can you fully recover from. 

So I do my best to listen for the whispers of my body, to tune into the message that the little niggles or mild symptoms are telling me, so that I can identify the root cause and address it, to do my best to avoid getting sick, so that I can continue to be all I wish to be, a positive energy in the world.

Value #2 is love

This overlaps value #1, as it takes true self love to be able to honor ones wellbeing. But to view the world through a lens of love and kindness if a gift to self, even more than it is to others. Forgiveness, understanding and acceptance that we were all born as pure love, and we all do our best with the knowledge we have available at the time. That is not to say that I just allow others to do as they will towards me - the self love is paramount here. So if someone does ill, I always do my best to forgive, but also allow myself distance. This is made easier with clear boundaries.

Value #3 is Freedom

Freedom is a birthright that is denied too many people. No one should live in tyrany or fear. No one should feel persicuted or prosicuted for their beliefs, nor thier actions and choices that affect their bodily integrity.  

This is why I am opposed to vaccine pasports, and will not allow an individuals personal choices to colour my tratments of them in any way, I welcome all peoples, from all dimensions of life.

#4 is Unity

It saddens me greatly to see what is happening in the world at the moment, due to lack of education and understanding, the world is being polarized over many matters from creed or religion; financial situation or race; gender identification or sexual orientation.

We are all one being, we are all in this together, and if we leave one behind, none of us win.

I believe that unity is not possible, but inevitable, and will save the day.

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Beliefs are a little different to values. Our beliefs are often hidden or obscured, but dictate the way we act and react in the world. For example, one may believe that one is not worthy of success. Its a very common belief, but not one that many know about. Or the feeling that you are not good enough - definitely a belief I suffered from for most of my life and a belief that I work daily to overcome.

There will be more on this page in due course, but for now, it remains under construction!

Values and Beliefs: Text
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