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What is Myofascia, and why does it need releasing?

Myofascia is a collective term, and it pretty much covers everything in the body from function to form

What is Myofascia, and why does it need releasing?: List

I hope the spiders web hasn't put you off learning more! There is a reason for using the image, I promise!

Myofascia is a liquid crystalline fiberoptic support system. It supports our skeletal system, and acts as a shock absorber within and around joints; it connects and supports our muscles, providing structure and balance; it is a body wide neuro electro chemical photon super conducting transportation and communication network, covering every single cell in your body from blood cells through bone cells to brain cells. 

It is the environment in which we live on a cellular level, and provides information to enable homeostasis - a state in which we are able to function, and when optimal, to thrive. It is an integral and seamless part of our lymphatic system with the fluid called the Extra Cellular Matrix, or ECM, supporting elimination of toxins and waste materials, as well as the delivery of hormonal messengers and electrical and light impulse communication. 

It is simply the coolest stuff ever created in the history of the universe, and keeping things brief enough so you don't glaze over is tricky!

So, despite there being a whole load more biology, chemistry and physics that can explain more, I will now move onto why its important.

Fascia is your body's total support system. It enables every motion and function in your body, and it will do whatever it takes to keep your body in homeostasis - in functional ability - with the most direct and efficient plan b, c, d etc necessary. Its so effective, that most people don't notice the re-routing from the original (and perfect), plan a until we are well into plan x, y or z, when symptoms get super obvious. Symptoms like pain, immobility, or inability to cope (depression, anxiety, brainfog). 

Imagine a huge company. The building is your body, with the various departments being the organs and systems inside your body.
If you break a window, there will be a draft which in winter will be cold and damp as well as scattering the paperwork around. So you board up the window until the glazier arrives and fixes it properly. But the janitor has been off sick, so the rain that got in the broken window just pools and sits there, slipping up anyone who walks on it. He hasn't been around to clean up the scattered papers either, so the messages that were printed to go out to the other departments are just a soggy mess too - and the other departments don't even know about it. The heating system is having to work overtime as the boarded up window isn't that great at keeping the heat in - so while the floor with a broken window is colder than normal and everyone working on that floor is bundled up in gloves and scarfs, so cant type very well, the other floors are likely too warm as the heating tries to prevent hypothermia in the broken window staff. Because of the chill, the IT department, who worked on the floor with the broken window, now all have bad colds and cant come into work....

Carry on as long as you like with that analogy! It links to the fact that fascia is a critical part of the building and the communication, and the temperature control and everything.  If the fascia gets damaged, as it does through repetitive movements, through accidents, through injury and through stress - it reduces the effectiveness of the business to run smoothly - which creates its own kind of stresses and further depletion of function.

A little aside about mental and emotional stress - they are both in fact very physical states. They create a particular biological situation in terms of your blood chemistry - different hormones for example; your breathing changes; your heart rate changes; your posture changes.... 

So imagine that we live in a stressed out world of high speed, high standards, no time to rest, poor sleep, poor diet, high impact exercise..... Normal life for normal people in the 21st century - our support system, our fascia, is over worked and un-supported and all the internal systems being to suffer. Our bodymind will begin to show symptoms of dis-ease.

Its critical to wellbeing that we look after our fascial integrity. Which, by the way, is BioTensegric and the largest organ in our bodies, with the least understanding and the most complex structure and function! Yay! 

What is Myofascia, and why does it need releasing?: Text
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