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Why Choose Greenwood Therapies

Why Choose Greenwood Therapies: List

I think it only wise to search around to see who's the best value for you! Many sufferers of chronic illness spend thousands of pounds in ad-hock treatments, practitioner hopping and therapists who claim chronic exhaustive conditions are their specialty... yet they still remain stuck and unwell. I remember this well in my own journey!

Navigating your recovery from conditions can be a considerable challenge as they are such multi-faceted illnesses, with each sufferer experiencing a unique and complex mix of symptoms and personal history. There are so many hundreds of therapies available, many of which can be helpful to you - when they are provided by the right therapist at the right time. Timing is everything here, and bad timing can absolutely make things worse.

Why Choose Greenwood Therapies: Text

As a certified and accredited specialist in ME/CFS and fibromyalgia recovery, I provide you with a proven framework that I tailor precisely for you, to help you get your health, and your life, on the tracks you want and deserve to enjoy.

I lead a multi-disciplinary team of equally dedicated specialist practitioners to support you on your recovery journey. We will identify exactly where you are the in 6 phases of recovery, systematically address each of the 8 areas of life critical to wellbeing, unearthing the root causes of your symptoms and releasing them from your life. 

I tailor a unique program to support you, and I will be by your side every step of the way, getting you to optimal health and vitality as quickly as possible. 

I am your expert, guide and champion on the life changing journey to full recovery.

I use the foundations of The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Program, with all the benefits and positive encouragement from the family of recoverers and specialists there, but with that extra support from me and my team, we get you stronger and fitter quicker.

Why Choose Greenwood Therapies: Text

Gotta Love A Good Question!

Questions you need to ask your therapist

Ask any therapist or practitioner who claims to be able to help you the following questions:

My answers to those questions

Let me give you my answers, to save you having to come back and ask!

Why Choose Greenwood Therapies: List
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