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You Know When Life Just Doesn't?

You know how you don't feel the wellness, energy or vitality you want to, like you used to take for granted?

You Know When Life Just Doesn't?: List

Your doctor has told you that your test results are normal, so there is nothing wrong with you, or perhaps you have managed to get a diagnosis, or even a lorry load of diagnosis, but the treatment, if you can get any, just doesn't resolve the overall problems that are really shaping your life nowadays.

Your doctor or specialist are telling you there is nothing more they can do, that you will just have to learn how to manage living with your chronic condition,  or tell you that your symptoms are just because you are getting old? I was first told that when I was in my 30's!

You know how every morning, when your alarm goes off, you just want a bit longer asleep, a bit longer in bed to rest, because you don't feel refreshed or ready to hit the ground running the way you used to do? Your eyes have shadows or bags, your skin looks dull, your hair is listless or maybe even thinning, all as if your outward appearance first thing in the morning is just a reflection of how you feel inside? 

Or perhaps your one of us who constantly hears "You look so well!" when you feel like death, barely even warmed up yet again.

Maybe you get headaches, IBS, weird aches and pains that seem to change minute to minute or day to day; perhaps your anxiety, or blue feeling or brain fog are developing into depression again?

Well, as a certified Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner, I specialize in chronic exhaustive conditions, their prevention and recovery so you can live a more fulfilling and joyous life again, often, an even happier and more content version of yourself that you have ever been.

With over 30 years of study and over 25 years of experience working with patients and clients in a broad spectrum of healthcare settings, I am acutely aware of how these symptoms of "not quite right" so often go onto develop into long-term, debilitating conditions. I sadly hear all too often from people who did not heed the early warning signs, who's lives have been all but destroyed. I was one such person - I knew I was unwell but my doctor kept telling me I was fine. 

If only Id had the chrysalis effect 20 years ago, if only Id sought their exemplary and proven success support, my life, and that of my children and family would have been so much easier, and the pain and torment cause my by condition could have been completely averted.

Even though I ended up bed and sofa bound for 5 months, and my children had to move in with their father for over a year, thanks to the incredible wrap around care and expert support I am now living a healthier and happier life than I ever dreamed of.

This is why I am passionate about intercepting and preventing the development of full blown chronic exhaustive conditions and saving individuals the nightmare of the "living death" that is ME/CFS and Fybromyalgia.

I lead a team of Specialist Fatigue and Pain recovery practitioners, each with their own area of practice, including nutrition, trauma, energy and bodywork and coaching to name a few specialisms. Together we ensure that all 8 key areas essential to rebuilding your vitality are addressed.

Its completely holistic care, healing for your roots upwards, with 24/7 support from a dedicated team of specialists and fellow recoverers

So what is holding you back from taking your life back? 

Do you want to wake up smiling, looking forward to your day ahead, knowing that you have the energy, vitality and optimal health to enjoy meeting the demands of your life again?

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