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Your Reiki appointment

What to expect when you book a Jikiden Reiki session, either in person, or EnKaku Setteki, or distance Reiki

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In person

One of the benefits of reiki can be that you do not need to get undressed, you do not need to talk and engage with the practitioner, you do not risk discomfort of pressure or friction as in massage and bodywork. These can be a real bonus for those individuals who have perhaps experienced trauma, either mental or physical, where the wound to be healed is too sensitive to touch, yet healing support is needed.

We will first of all sit together, and I will ask you what you would like to focus on for the session. I will then ask you to lie down on your back on my therapy couch, with a pillow under your head and a bolster under your knees, and cover you with a soft blanket. 
It is traditional in Jikiden Reiki to use a light cotton cloth to cover your feet and your head, and I honour this tradition. I will then lay my hands resting lightly on the top of your head and forehead for some minutes, before moving to other positions and then holding your feet lightly.  This is to fill you with the light and subtle energy of reiki, or universal life energy. 
I can then skim my hands just above your body, scanning for where I can feel "biosen" - discordant energy, emitting from an area where your internal energies are blocked or chaotic. I am then able to lay my hands lightly on the area and allow the reiki to flow into you, releasing your energy to a more healthful state.
I may continue this way of administration just laying my hands on your front, or I may ask you to turn over onto your tummy so I can treat more directly.
Each session is completed with a traditional set of movements to encourage lymphatic drainage, and stimulate your body back into calm wakefulness.

If where I feel the "biosen" is too sensitive for direct contact, such as a very fresh wound or an intimate area, I can simply move my hands to where is comfortable for you, as energy does what energy does, it flows to where it is needed.



Psychological/emotional/addiction imbalances

I am trained in the specific method in Jikiden reiki to help restore the minds balance and support centring and grounding, reported to have helped many individuals to experience a more joyful and positive life, with greater calm, focus and ability to cope, as well as leaving addictions in the past. 
For these areas of focus, I also use my skills as an accredited trauma informed wellbeing coach, compassionate enquiry, and where necessary, I may suggest you see one of my highly qualified expert therapists in the fields of nutrition, trauma, grief, or energy therapies.

Distance or remote healing sessions - Enkaku

Energy flows where energy is needed, and there is much about this world that we can not see, hear, taste or smell, let alone understand, but proof is in the pudding as they say, and distance reiki, or Enkaku, works! 

There are a few ways we can work together, but all require the usual booking procedure. I prefer to have a conversation with you before we start so that I know what you wish to work on, if there is anything specific, and again after the session to share my findings with you and hear your experience. 

We can conduct the session over a video link, or simply with the before and after conversation by phone. 

I work by energetically bringing your body image to me, and laying a miniature energetic imprint of you on my lap. I am able to "zoom in" on specific areas, turn you around and turn you over, and at the end, I return the augmented and re-balanced energy imprint back to you.

I have to admit, that despite many positive experiences of receiving treatments this way, as well as the feed back from my clients, I am still blown away that it works. But there again, we talk into a plastic and metal box with a battery, and others can see and hear us the other side of the world, so as I say, there is a lot that we do not perceive with our usual senses nor understand completely, but they work!

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